How Come I'm The Last Person To Know What "Silent Night" At Taylor University Is?

Submitted by: fancylad 1 year ago in Sports

Anyone who's a college basketball fan will probably already know what "Silent Night" at Baylor University in Indiana means. I'm not a fan so this is news to me, but it might be the greatest thing in all of college sports.

Basically, the student body designates a game in their basketball schedule as the "Silent Night" game -- the weekend game before December finals. Then, the students that pack their tiny basketball arena sit silently until the home team scores their 10th point. Then they lose it, and swarm the stage like the Trojans just won the NCAA championship title.

The tradition has been going on since the mid-'90s and they've never lost a "Silent Night" game, but has only gotten big in the last couple years thanks to social media. It's kind of cool how it was such a regional thing for so long. ESPN did a great two-minute bit on it, and here's the clip below that brought this to my attention. (Skip to the 2:18 mark for the money shot).

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Actually? Staying quiet throughout the game would be a good idea too. Cheer and stuff during play stoppages! makes sense to me. Once a year of course, lolz! Not every game.

Years back?  The French CBC announcers went on strike. So the CBC kept showing Hockey on that station, but there were no announcers yapping while it was on.

- It... was... TERRIFIC! Just like being at the arena! Word got around and the 'silent broadcast' ratings SHOT up! The announcers caved in shortly after that, lolz!
Who needs talking heads telling you who has the puck... on TV! Radio, yeah, lolz, but just hearing the fans and the players without some idiots constantly yapping was great. I bet many sports would also benefit from that too...
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I never heard of it either until I saw it on Snapchat a couple of days ago. A fun idea, and some of the costumes made laugh.