A Open Letter to Everyone About Race, Gender, And Stuff

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One of my clever friends out of Chicago set out to question the motives of people posting about public issues on their social networks naming his essay, "An Open Letter to Everyone." His letter zones in on the world’s lack of empathy, over abundance of self aggrandizing, and the extra work it takes just to be a minority and the wrong gender. And he does it eloquently and with pinpoint accuracy.

He wrote the thing back in 2012, but I just wanted to share his already published thoughts as they are still very relevant to today...

An Open Letter to Everyone

9.2.2012 Dear Everyone,

In recent years I have backed off of sharing strong opinions on important issues via social media. The events of this past week or so have irritated me enough that I’ve decided to make an exception.

Today I am writing to inform you that I find your self-serving and illogically formed opinions to be exhausting, maddening, and downright destructive. I will continue to reject your misguided social contract, indefinitely, until you understand that every incident of violence is not some piece of evidence which proves your belief system to be the correct one. There has always been chaos in our world, and there will be more chaos in the future.

To believe that every act of violence, incident of potential racism, or controversial decision made by a public official is relative to one’s belief system will expose them as hypocritical and lacking credibility. All that stuff in your newsfeed doesn’t prove you right or make your way better. It’s just stuff. It’s just a bunch of crazy stuff that happens because of fear, mental illness and religious dogma. It’s not about piecing your framework together. It’s not about you at all. The sooner we understand that our ego-centric, self-important culture is what continues to perpetrate this sad, tragic shit, the sooner we can fix some of our problems. However, since such a paradigm shift is unlikely, there will be more chaos.

We’ve been given the freedom to star in our own stupid little reality shows on whichever social mediums we choose. Maybe the onslaught of disagreeable thought makes us like each other less. Maybe we just know too much about each other. Maybe we’re so insulated that we no longer fear the consequences of our words. For whatever reason, the ability to communicate from afar is causing us to lose our capability for empathy. It is my belief that empathy is our most precious commodity. Without it, we will destroy everything.

For my part, I will have empathy for all the fair-minded cops who take pride in their work—A couple of people made some difficult decisions while wearing the uniform. Some were probably right, some were probably wrong. Without them we’d be really fucked.

For the young black dudes, some of which I know to be as dangerous as boy-scouts–You’re going to get pulled over. You’re going to keep hearing and reading ignorant shit. Keep doin’ you. The arc of history bends towards progress.

For women everywhere who have to look over their shoulder and endure the opinions of small-minded men—Keep fighting. You deserve a greater piece of the action.

And, for everyone in the shadows who is different because of the language they speak, the way they look, or who they love. I admire your strength. Those who line up against you are the weakest of them all, for they are crippled by fear and incapable of progress.

In closing, I’ll ask that you all stop being selfish windbags and go be fucking nice to someone. I will now return to commenting on the meaningless distractions that I enjoy and of which I am knowledgeable.


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Male 42,934
He speaks to Blacks and women, and to police, but fuck the whiteys! Screw the males! THEY are crippled by their stereotypes which I (Savage) firmly believe in! White men cannot 'progress' right? :-/ I'm just sayin, his bid to be 'inclusive' excludes a huge chunk of the population. Nice sentiments, but uber-preachy as liberal-leftists almost always are.
Male 304
We all know you're the real victim here.
Male 9,476
Translation: "Quick Being Judgmental!!!! And overlook the fact that I just Judged you en mass. Just call me Captain Obvious."
Male 6,157
Social media is like being at a party. I have only two rules at my parties. 1) No fighting. 2) No politics or religion (Goes along with number one).
Male 10,157
so.. "savage" is a "do as i say not as i do" kinda guy?
Male 1,249
Savage cannot be defined. He's great to help control psychotic drunken friends who try and destroy cabs in Vegas from the inside, though.