Do One Good Deed For Syria

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As we Americans sit down to be with family… or more wisely choose to go eat with friends, instead - there’s one news article I think none of us should ignore. The bombing of Aleppo’s last hospital for children and the last hospital in the rebel-held part of the city.

Also remember back a few months to the tragic story of Omran Daqneesh, the little boy who quietly sat on his orange chair, shell shocked and sadly confused. Young Daqneesh was rescued from rubble after an airstrike and then was most likely taken to a hospital that is no longer standing.

At that time, PRI put out an article of how we, as outsiders, can feel less helpless to this horrendous issue. They suggest making donations to specific organizations like the White Helmets, who are a group of 3,000 first responders after an attack. With 149 of them who have died in the face of being the most merciful, they’ve deservingly been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. You can donate to them, here.


You can also donate to The Syria Campaign that works on fighting hunger sieges, here.

The Syrian American Medical Society who provide health care, medicine, and training to doctors, here. You can donate to Doctors Without Borders which is truly a detrimental group who provide doctors and staff in the most dangerous hearts of conflict around the world. Donations can be made here. There’s questscope work on providing mental health care for shell shocked victims. Donate here. PRI says “Save The Children” are one of only a few to have presence in eastern rebel controlled Aleppo. They operate schools in areas of conflict and if there aren’t any schools, they try and figure out how to get children education. Donate here.

And then PRI points to a whole other list of organizations to donate to here, at this link.

Remember as we celebrate the people who mean the most to us,  we do have power to help other people who matter too. Donate, volunteer, share.

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