This Non-Profit Empowers Homeless People With Jobs And Innovation

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Detroit based Empowerment Plan trains, pays, and hires single mothers who live in Detroit's shelters to work as seamstresses. The women build up their lives while also building jackets that transform into sleeping bags for the homeless. The organization came from a concept dreamt up by Veronika Scott, who was homeless for a period of time in her life - as well. Scott came out of her plight wanting to do more for homeless people.

An excerpt from Design Boom:

Founder and CEO, veronika scott, was inspired to start the empowerment plan when a professor at college in detroit challenged her to create a product to fill an actual need in her community. veronika took to the issue of homelessness and began spending time at a nearby warming center where the design for the ‘EMPWR coat‘ was born. while conducting her research, veronika was angrily confronted by a homeless woman who stated that she did not need a coat—she needed a job. this is the moment that shaped the innovative business practices the empowerment plan would adopt upon establishment.

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