You Gonna Eat That: There's A New Company That Sells Your Buffet Leftovers

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France started fighting hunger by requiring grocery stores to donate older food to the needy, instead of tossing it. Naturally, the next bright idea towards tackling wasted food is in greatly discounting unused food from buffets...

An excerpt from The LA Times:

The BuffetGo website has a list of restaurants — all of them are either standalone or hotel buffets. The food is discounted by 75% to 90%. A recent meal from a Vegas Seafood Buffet was priced at $5, down from the regular price of $20.

‘This new and revolutionary way of dealing with the food waste epidemic problem our planet is suffering from is beneficial for all parts,’ BuffetGo founder Emil Rosengren Lolby wrote in an email to The Times.

The company launched in Los Angeles in September; it has been operating in New York City and Chicago since earlier in the year.

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Female 4,039
I'm down with that.  I've eaten more questionable leftovers from my own fridge.
Male 41,114
A good idea for those on a low budget, eh? Grocery stores throw out mountains of food, very few will donate to local food banks or soup kitchens though... fear of lawsuits mostly, I think.
Male 375
I used to work on a college campus cafeteria and they literally threw out 4 foot tall garbage bins of food away every meal. I always suspected it was law suits, as well, because how the hell don't you donate all that food?