It's Almost Been 50 Years Since The Courts Told Virginia To Leave Interracial Couples Alone

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Every few years I read a story where a state law does something so fucking stupid and prejudiced, I’m glad there’s one more shot at law making through the Federal Supreme Court. The Richard and Mildred Loving case is one of those moments because it's quite evident, even for today, that inbred white pride states like Virginia would still be shitty and filled with white indignation if it weren't for the national courts.

It’s barely going on 50 years since the Lovings vs. the state of Virginia case, where interracial marriage had to be federally challenged. Up until that moment in 1967, this man and a woman had been dogged, harassed, and even had their home raided and been put in jail during [her] pregnancy for having the audacity to love one another. They shoulda followed the law, right bootlickers? Well, I'm glad they didn't.

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Some things just can't be left to a state vote. Equality is at the top of that list.