Womb Transplants Allows Barren Gals To Give Birth Using Mom's Retired Uterus

Submitted by: buttersrules 1 year ago in Science

Women with barren wombs, rejoice! You still have a chance to pop out little brats of your own, if your mom is willing to give you a hand. Ahem, I mean a womb.

An excerpt from ABC News, Australia...

"Emelie Eriksson, who was born without a womb, received the organ from her mother and nearly two years ago, in a world first, gave birth to son Albin.

"It's like science fiction," the 30-year-old from a town near Stockholm said."

It's a brave new world, folks.

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If you really want a to give a child to get home try adoption. Or you could be a selfish self-centered assholes like these people who are only going after their wants.
Female 2
wow lol its hilarious that the selfish asshole in this situation is the person that wants to give birth to their own child and not the millions of people that give birth to children that they dont want to take care of. Seems to me its much more "self-centered" to have unprotected sex and leave the aftermath of that with no one to take care of it then it is to do the number one thing that is in a woman's human nature which is to bare children. youre an idiot.