There's A Way To Normalize Special Needs Kids With Kindness And Dignity

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Mr. Chris the special ed teacher has got to be a chick magnet. He’s a true piece of compassion and innovation all rolled into the surfer guy package that doesn’t suck. The man has a natural talent for interacting with kiddos who crave to have normal lives with friends and conversations. The first time I saw his work was through a video where he compliments every one of his students instilling individuality and confidence. This is the latest video I just stumbled across where he brings up a very real situation we all run into. We all want to feel like we belong…

If you loved that clip, here’s a really sweet video of him interacting with another one of his students through a guitar sing-a-long.

And another one!

The most recent videos on his youtube channel shows he’s cut off his babelicious hair and has a girlfriend (boooo!) buuuut… he’s started a not-for-profit to normalize autism and is looking for donations.

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