Stop Harassing The "Nice" Clowns: Creepy Killer Clowns Are "Just A Fad"

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Just when you think the news has finally let go of the clown thing, here come the real clowns. And they’re not happy. Clown lives matter, too - from the professional clown’s perspective, anyway. Real clowns are finding it more complicated to do their jobs of making people happy scaring the shit out of people because they say the news is making clowns extra, extra, EXTRA scary. I think maybe one professional clown may have even implied the news takes advantage of what culturally regurgitating idiots the masses tend to be.

An excerpt from France 24:

Clowns from across Latin America meeting at an annual convention this week in Mexico City took a break from comedy to deliver a serious message: ‘We are clowns, not killers!’

Some 200 of them in full clown suits and makeup chanted those words as they took a group picture outside a theater on Wednesday to counter the ‘creepy clown’ craze that has swept across the United States, Europe and now Mexico.”

For those who attended the 21st International Clown Convention in the Mexican capital this week, the fad is no laughing matter.

"I don't see anything funny about it," said Emanuel Emiliano Fernandez, an Argentine clown who goes by ‘Fluorescent Plug’ and wears giant trousers.

"Clowns make people laugh and happy," he said. "It’s not just painting your face. If you saw me in the street, what would you do?’ he asked as he crossed his eyes, opened his mouth in an "O" shape and tilted his head.”

Personally, I know I wouldn’t be a fan. Of course one clown who was interviewed took on a more logical approach to the stupid fad…

But ‘Little Pine Nut’ believes the sightings on social media are a marketing strategy ahead of the release of a remake of ‘It,’ a movie based on US author Stephen King's book of the same name featuring a malevolent clown.

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Better to kill mimes, they don't scream.
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The only good clown, is a dead clown. There, I said it! And remember if you are going to murder a clown, do it before they get to their car, otherwise you have to kill like, 20 of them!