Pakistan, The Defender Against Space War?

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This is an odd headline, but Pakistan is standing in as the world's voice of reason, worried about the weaponization of outer-space. It certainly does sound like a concern the world should be talking about, but hearing a violent country bring up concerns about international disarmament is a head scratcher…

An excerpt from Pakistan Today:

Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva Ambassador Tehmina Janjua has called for steps to prevent the weaponisation of outer-space, saying it would adversely affect regional and international peace and security.

‘Weaponisation of outer space is not science fiction anymore,’ Janjua told the UN General Assembly’s Disarmament and International Security Committee on Wednesday.

‘With the ever-growing use of outer space by an increasing number of states, both for civilian and military purposes, the potential and the risk of its weaponisation cannot be ruled out,’ she said during a debate on Outer Space matters.

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Yes, when you're fighting from the bottom of a well (of the gravity kind), you are at a severe disadvantage. The Justice League does not even need a cannon, giant or otherwise. They just have to drop rocks.
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Pakistan doesn't have the GDP to even TRY to compete with Indixa if they decided to go to outer space with weapons. So they try to hide behind the skirts of the UN ;-) Meanwhile Pakistan has threatened to use Nuclear Weapons on 'dozens' of Indixa's cities... not nice! And they're crazy enough to do it too...
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yeah, the governments of the world werent too happy when the justice league built a giant cannon in outer space that pointed down. but hey, sometimes you just gotta trust batman to do what he thinks is best. otherwise he will show up unannounced at your house and hand you a towel as youre getting out of the shower. batman is kind of creepy.