No Medicine No Hope: Life And Death in Venezuela

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Poverty in Venezuela and the governments unwillingness to take humanitarian aid is brutally killing people, everyday. The most vulnerable victims being children. The country’s clinics and hospitals are suffering from massive shortages in basic life saving medicine and medical instruments. Doctors are doing what they can with what they have but if you live in Venezuela, you better just pray you don’t get sick.

Little Ashley Pacheco almost died on multiple occasions, in a short amount of time. The toddler had a nasty onset of a staph infection from the sort of injury every three-year-old gets, a scraped knee - and no way to treat it. Her family’s story is harrowing in the most concise sense. Little Pacheco was playing with her brother when she fell and hurt herself. Her parents cleaned her wound and everyone went on with their lives but two weeks later, her knee was swollen and hot and her infection began spreading to her lungs, and later on to her heart, and so on.

The whole Pacheco story is horrific. Especially when you consider what year this is and how they’re not the only people with a sick child in Venezuela. Ashley's family took the three-year-old on a quest of medical centers, clinics, and a university, one after the other. None had any treatment for the child. In the end - the parent’s spent their entire meager life savings all while the whole family - aunts, uncles, grand parents, and even strangers were forced to look for other facilities, other means, other medicine. All in a race to beat the slow death of their child…

The Washington Post: “Next, the family tried the country’s main pediatric hospital.

There, the smell of religious incense hung thick in rooms of children with milky eyes and swollen heads. Doctors were waiting for parents to bring in shunts to drain the extra fluid from their children’s brains. There were no beds for Ashley.

As their little girl grew warmer between them, Maykol and Oriana went to the city’s largest hospital. Men were lying mostly naked on the floor in the emergency room, IV lines snaking down from poles above them. There was no room for a sick 3-year-old.

By the next morning, Ashley’s temperature had spiked to 103 degrees (39.4 degrees Celsius). Maykol was growing desperate. Out of options, he turned his motorcycle toward University Hospital, once one of the best hospitals in South America but lately better known for gang shootings in the operating rooms and stickups in the stairways.”

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I hear ya.  Social cooperation is just revolting.  All societies must be based on materialistic greed, xenophobia, and require a majority of it's members to be serfs.  Your politics are literally disgusting in every way.
Male 42,934
But I thought Venezuela was a socialist paradise? That Hugo Chavez was the Fidel Castro of his nation or something. Robert Mugabe? Chairman Mao? Joe Stalin maybe? The MSM used to give flood coverage to how wonderful life in Venezuela was (or Cuba, or 1930's USSR & etc) but are generally pretty quiet about the economic and societal disasters there now. People starving in socialist nations is 'not news' eh? Or it's America's fault... but lets all support Socialist Sanders (for one example) because it will work this time for sure!!