Hey Canada, You Guys Are In The Early Stages Of A Robot Overthrow

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The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University in Toronto is warning Canadians that the economy is facing 40% employment reduction in the next 10 to 20 years, due to automation. Not sure why the focus is just on Canada as the jobs they listed in danger are done in other countries too. But I think we can all read between the lines, aye pal? The jobs the Institute says are in most danger include retail sales, administration assistance, waiters/food counters, cashiers, and transport truck drivers.

Here's my gripe, the argument dirty energy uses against change in the industry is potential job loss. Why does job loss only matter for dirty energy production but not automation of the human means to survive? Must we really go and cut these positions if it’s the exact thing propping the economy? The world is a cold fucking place.

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Oldest rule in the book...gotta change with the times. Everything from webpages that create webpages to online shopping and customer service being sent to third world where its pennies on the dollar.. careers are seriously being phased out. The ole capitalism model for society just isnt going to work anymore... Video stores on every corner replaced by netflix, teachers in everything from beekeeping to music getting replaced by youtube, even traffic cops getting replaced by photo radar..its only gonna get worse from here.