Clashes With India’s Police State Over A Coal Mine Leaves Four Dead

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Workers drill at an open cast coal field at Dhanbad district in Jharkhand

In a tale resembling the U.S.’s NoDAPL fiasco, which is still brewing, police in India attacked and fired upon a group of land protestors in Jharkhand. Four protestors were killed. Most were women and children. The Jharkhand protestors are angry about a coal mine outside of their villages. They claim the mine project hasn’t hired as many workers as it promised and isn’t paying its current workers well enough.

An excerpt from Grist:

“Villagers have been protesting India’s National Thermal Power Corporation’s land acquisition to build the coal mine, arguing that the company didn’t pay enough for the land and hasn’t generated enough jobs. India’s Parliament approved the Land Acquisition Act in 2013, outlining the rights of tribal people and farmers, but critics say it’s often amended to suit industry.

Jharkhand is rich with mineral resources, and it’s also home to a disproportionate share of India’s poor, according to the World Bank. Its city of Dhanbad is nicknamed India’s Coal Capital. An estimated 70 percent of the country’s energy is generated by coal, which services about three-quarters of the population that has access to electricity.”

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well, coal minders are a rough crowd, what exactly were the cops thinking?