Twitter Is On The Auction Block And The Vultures Are Swarming

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I remember being so absolutely adverse to Twitter when it first came out. I was like, great - another network for status updates about someone’s brunch. And when MTV and Current TV lauded the site, it only made me despise it even more. Then the Arab Spring happened and Egyptian protestors were getting messages out to the world, no one would have ever been able to share - before. Then Occupy happened and the same kind of communication came through the feeds, again. Suddenly, through the status sharing network, the world could witness realtime front lines where agent provocateurs turned moments of revolution, into absolute mayhem. Twitter became the world’s front row seat to the actuality of political chaos.

Through Twitter grassroots reinvented itself.  It's where you can go when there’s an earthquake to find out how everyone is, in real time. It’s where neighborhoods can sound off on real issues when councilmen try to play deaf. Twitter allows the average person to reach out and be heard. And now it looks like one of the most important forms of international communication of the 21st century, is probably about to get royally fucked. The company is up for sale and the top shit head corporations contending for it - Google, Disney, Microsoft, and Sales Force aren't known for their benevolence towards free speech and journalism.

Excerpt from Fast Company:

“Despite its beloved status with many journalists, the social feed has struggled with lackluster revenue growth and a stagnant user base.

Although Twitter is having difficulty expanding, the platform still has much to offer a well-resourced company. For one, Twitter has lots of consumer data. It’s also proven itself as a real-time source for news with roughly 300 million people using it to see what’s going on in the world. Plus, the platform is moving beyond the feed by becoming a venue for live-streamed events, like NFL games.”

If only Twitter's ownership understood how their company’s value stands over the vulgar destruction perpetuated through shareholders. They’ve a sustainable staff, serve celebrities, officials, and musicians, alike. They give the average citizen a voice. And they offer this all on a minute by minute basis. That is as valuable as loss leader news was before Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine and Clinton opened media up for monopolization.

I wish Twitter realized their perceived stagnation only comes from stagnate minds of vulture capitalists who will never be happy, anyway. As far as this writer is concerned, Twitter really is already an excellent place and doesn't need any help.

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"Twitter allows the average person to reach out and be heard." sometimes, there is nothing more dangerous. there are still people filled with hatred and anger towards one another in this world. that doesnt mean they should be silenced, on the contrary, they should be heard. "But where does the hatred end, though?" "Maybe it ends where it began, by finding a common language again." - Mulder and Scully, from the X-Files episode Babylon.