Nestle Had The Balls To Outbid A Small Town Out Of It's Water Well

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American isn’t the only place where money is speech and water is money. California isn’t the only place where Nestle has bastardized water for profit. A township outside of Ontario, Canada lost its bid to Nestle to buy a water well intended to provide safe drinking water to its residents. Nestle wanted the well as, more or less, an additional backup well to the daily 1.4 trillion litres the corpoartion already takes, every day.

Excerpt from Huffington Post Canada:

“A spokesman for Nestle said the company had 'no idea' the other bidder for the five-hectare site was the Township of Centre Wellington, but it waived all conditions and matched the competing offer so it could complete the purchase.

Nestle said the Middlebrook site will be a 'supplemental well for future business growth' and a backup for its plant in Aberfoyle.

Township Mayor Kelly Linton said Nestle dropped its conditions, including a pump test to determine if the well met its quality and quantity requirements, after it learned of the competing bid. The municipality wanted to purchase the well to keep its water supply 'safe from commercial water taking'' long into the future, added Linton.'"

“Nestle, which has 2,500 employees in Ontario, over 300 at Nestle Waters Canada, said it was prepared to pay more if rates were increased, but only if all companies with water-taking permits face the higher fees.

'We fully agree that all groundwater users should pay their fair share to fund the management of our water resources and all users must be treated equitably,' the company said in an emailed statement.”

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Doesn't have Canada have eminent domain laws? If so they could easily sue and get the well back.
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from what little I could find the selling company is a private one not part of the Gov. You can blame this on the, I have to be hydrated crowd that cares a bottle of water (at 500% mark up) every ware they go. And don't realize that some 30% of bottled water does not met Gov. standards, that's one thing we can thank Billy boy for he pushed for even higher water standards than we already had. Of course this forced some areas to install filters that filtered things that were not even in there water put that's a different story. And that's not counting the oil used to make the little plastic bottles to carry the water in. I think they use water in the manufacturing process.
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If it was the town's water well, why was it up for sale?