Brazzers Is The Latest Victim In A Large-Scale Personal Info Hack [D'oh!]

Submitted by: trimble 1 year ago in Tech

Bad news for porn aficionados, specifically of the Brazzers variety. At last count, 790,724 user email accounts, usernames, and passwords have been hacked from reader forums on where super horny members would chat about their favorite porn titles, porn stars, and other porn-related matter.

It gets better: Along with all the above mentioned detailed that were hacked, graphic conversations between users were also leaked. Early indicators seem to say that attackers stole data by exploiting security flaws in software used to run the chat room.

All this begs the question: Why in the hell are people voluntarily giving their personal information to porn sites? There are hundreds of thousands of free porn sites with millions of minutes worth of free video -- you should never give sensitive info to any porn site -- and never pay for porn, and stay the hell out of the forums.

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