The Biggest Native American Protest In History Is Happening At This Moment

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Do you think this is why the mainstream media is busy showing NFL players and Kardashians practically 24/7? BIG OIL is literally tearing into watersheds and sacred ground of Native Americans. If yo check our your Facebook feed, there are probably several people you follow who have shared articles about the raping of Sioux burial plots.

From Democracy Now: Only hours after lawyers representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed evidence in federal court documenting how some of the Dakota Access pipeline’s proposed route would go through a sacred burial site, the company unexpectedly began working on that very site. As bulldozers cleared earth, hundreds of Native Americans from many different tribes rushed onto the construction site to protect the sacred site. In response, the company’s security forces attacked the Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray.

Why are Native Americans and everyone behind them angry? Because the Dakota Access Pipeline Company is building a $4 billion oil line that'll cut through several states, numerous watersheds, and sacred sites with increased potential for spill damage. If this pipe breaks at any point in its 1,150 mile course, it'll destroy thousands of acres of ecosystems. Check out the photo of what other oil lines have done in the past...


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The government always holds their heads up, politically correct and all. How can they still break treaties with the natives? I hate this crap.
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With proper oversight there is no reason why this pipe line cant go in. I thought that was what the EPA was for and as far as there burial grounds that's that negotiation is for. The Alaska pipe line was put in over 30 years ago and has had very little problems and a lot of that pipe line is above the ground and 800 miles long not counting feeder lines. And we would go into the monetary benefits of such a pipe through there land. In a very few years after the pipe goes in you would even know its there. You have no clue how many gas and oil pipe lines criss cross this country. Do you have gas stove, heat in your house how do you think it gets there (not counting houses that have tanks) The Indian nations and the U.S. government need to get together and find a workable solution to a non problem. As Rodney Dangerfield once said the two biggest waist of Prim real estate are golf courses and grave yards.