What Does Zika, Mosquitos, And Congress Have In Common?

Submitted by: lalapancakes 1 year ago in News & Politics

Concern for the Zika Virus is being used as a holdover conversation in the House of Representatives to try and make unlimited pesticide usage, legal. Congress has been working on the pro-pesticide legislation well before Zika was a concern so it’s very disingenuous for them now to claim, “But we’re doing this for the health of the population!” Especially since the levels they’re advocating for are ranked as dangerous to human consumption via the EPA.

In our toxic chemical aware society, there’s a better solution anyway. It’s bats!

From Think Progress:

“A single bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes an hour. That’s a mosquito every 3.6 seconds. In the time it has taken to read this far, a bat has eaten 10 mosquitoes — more than enough to ruin a picnic.”

Bats are now so much the go to, people are building bat houses. Bat houses kind of look like bird houses, only flatter and with a weirder entrance/exit. Maybe you’ve even seen one?

“The National Wildlife Federation has instructions for how to build a bat box, which must be mounted at least 12 feet off the ground and are shallower and wider than birdhouses. And here is a list of common issues that might prevent bats from using a bat box. Bats need lots of warmth, no nighttime light, and protection from predators.”

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@lalapankakes, two problems with your suggestion: 1. bats don't vote and 2. They don't contribute obscene sums of money to congressmen the way Monsanto does. I suspect congress will do what it does best, act on its own self interest.