What'll We Call Our National Parks After Their Environmental Namesake Vanishes?

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The Grist publication recently asked a very reasonable question, what will we call our National Parks after their environmental namesake vanishes? It’s a good question when considering the glaciers in most of America's parks are pretty much gone, the Everglades are vanishing, the sequoias are apparently dying at a rate 10-times faster than before, Joshua Trees are having trouble growing, and so on…

What do we call our parks when their namesakes are gone? Never-glades? “The National Park Formerly Known as” Joshua Tree?

Grist: "In a mere 15 years, the namesake glaciers of Montana’s Glacier National Park have puddled into a memory. The park featured 150 glaciers in 1850; the count is 25 today.

What’s happening in Montana is taking place across the Northwest, including Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, where average temperatures have soared 5 degrees over averages 50 years ago. The glacial melt has already triggered enormous landslides."

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Rename them to the Glorious Peoples Parks of Exxon Saudi Arabia BP ECT...
Male 9,342
Well, when Yellowstone blows, we'll just call it 'That great big hole where Montana, Wyoming and the Dakota's used to be'.