Some “Off Beat" Issues With The Olympics

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I-A-B isn’t the kind of place to really air out my hatred of the IOC but in all reality, fuck every single one of those IOC guys. Including the athletes who complain about Rio’s horrific pollution while bathing in the glory of their entitlement and peak physical condition. All in the face of a nation who unwillingly bleeds. Fuck all those guys.

In my mind a true Olympian would boycott the IOC and the Olympics in the face of causing death and displacement of hundred/thousands of people. Or at the very least, fucking acknowledge the issues. Someone who has “worked their entire life” to be an athlete isn’t special. There are a lot of great athletes who aren’t in the Olympics. What makes an athlete special is when they’re given all the benefits of a chance to live well and they choose to not act like entitled dickbags. Give me someone whose earned their spot in physicality and in ethics and not some self-entitled purse dweller. That is a true Olympian.

Until then, I cannot bring myself to watch privileged people race one another on the proverbial broken backs of suffering humans. I'm sorry, I'm just not that delusional.

Zero Hedge:

“1. In Brazil, political protesters are granted very little freedom of speech”

"2. Rio is broke and so is Brazil” “Despite the financial disaster, the games weren’t canceled. According to Zurich University senior research fellow, Christopher Gaffney, 'Rio will be in debt for the next 10 years following the 2014 World Cup and this month’s Olympics.'

But Rio’s problem is Brazil’s problem.

Moddy’s Investors Service recently cut the country’s investment-grade rating to ‘junk,’ And with an over $706 billion national debt, Moddy’s reports, ‘progress in fiscal consolidation will be slow, and economic growth anemic, for the next two to three years.’”

“3. The military police are responsible for Olympics security, but the targets are civilians”

“In São Paulo, the military police were involved in an altercation with anti-Olympics protesters a day before the games officially started.

About 200 people were reportedly pepper-sprayed and beat up during a demonstration on one of the busiest main streets in downtown São Paulo, Avenida Paulista. The protest was interrupted just 15 minutes after it began, with police officers requesting to see people’s backpacks and handbags while collecting identification numbers. Moments later, the police blocked the street, cornering protesters under the São Paulo Museum of Art. As protesters attempted to leave, officers allegedly attacked them with batons and pepper spray.”

“4. Rio loves putting lipstick on pigs”

“According to the Associated Press, 'the waterways of Rio de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria.' The report is the result of a 16-month study commissioned by the news outlet.”

“There was no mention of how rapidly Brazil’s environment has deteriorated, especially since the mismanagement of local dams led to one of the worst toxic mud spills in recent history. The incident was due to a dam collapse in an iron ore mine partially owned by Vale (formerly Vale do Rio Doce) — which was founded by the federal government — and Samarco, a company owned by Vale and the English-Australian company BHP Billiton.”

“5. Brazil’s plan to 'clean' the streets of Rio ahead of the Olympics was responsible for the unlawful arrests of thousands of children”

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Male 49
Yeah, and I am here whatching all this shit happen in my doorstep. The country is fucking falling apart and the feeling of powerlessness is just taking over. This video (that is in one of Lala's links) shows the exact translation of the brazilian olympic spirit . The olympic torch relay is paved in violence and deception. Thanks for sharing this @LaLaPancakes
Male 1,249
It's happening all over the world @Pexe. Our cops are fucked too. It's the vicious sacks of nationalist shit that take the jobs in uniform against the rest of us. Glad to be in the fight with you, brother. I'll fight till I die and I'll make sure that there will be more of a fight even after I'm long gone.
Male 42,187
Here's another one. Last night the Olympic High Diving pool turned green. So green you can't see the bottom. Rio officials said "Swim in it anyway..... it's nothing ". source
Male 2,088
The whole concept of the olympics is idiotic. Who gives half a fucking shit which athlete can beat other athletes by 1/1000 of a second doing the breaststroke? Or who can run 100 meters the fastest? All that fucking money should be used to house and feed the homeless or to educate people or to go towards any number of actual useful purposes. It's idiotic.
Male 4,818
Move 'em back to Greece where they belong.