Google's Huge Trans-Pacific Fiber Cable Went Live Last June

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This isn’t the freshest news, but Google launched a $300 million 60Tbps trans-pacific internet fiber cable late June. It's amazing to think we could literally wrap the earth in seamless cables, if we wanted to. It's so basic and "1800s telegraph" sounding, but also really complex and high tech. Also - I wonder what the hell the fish and whales think. I wonder if the cable makes any kind of noise or causes any kind of disturbance.

The Next Web (sorry, no link -- find it for yourself):

“Google’s $300 million trans-pacific ‘FASTER’ cable is ready to use.

The cable, first announced about one year ago, brings up to 60Tbps (Terabits per second) Internet speed between Japan and the US. The cable will surface in Oregon and two posts in Japan: Chiba and Mie prefectures.

From those points, the cable will provide service to major cities. Stateside, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle will benefit from FASTER.”

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