The Daily Ariel #7: Crotch Snap Bodysuit

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I've been around the block a few times as a writer -- I've made a little coin in the game -- so I think I can say with authority that when you get more hate mail than you usually do about what you've written, you're on to something. Such is so with The Daily Ariel.

Over three dozen emails, texts, and several snide comments last night from Lady Fancy about my new obsession with AW has only proven that everyone seems to have an unhealthy obsession with her.

And this might be my favorite Instagram post of Winter's yet -- it was taken exactly one week ago. One week ago, I was in downtown Minneapolis walking by First Avenue and the 7th St. Entry. I had to be there where Prince and The Replacements cut their teeth and figured out how to become legends and true artists.

Take The Replacements, for example. They were all drunks, there wasn't one high school diploma or drivers license between them, they were janitors with nothing to look forward to other than playing dives around town. They're a perfect example of the idiom, "The cream rises to the top" -- their talent got them a record deal fairly organic. Sure, Paul Westerberg was a dick, but he's a genius so he gets some slack, same with Prince.

Anyhoo, here's AW's personal assistant/latte fetcher reaching in deep for the assist, snapping her button-crotch bodysuit. That hipster earned his paycheck that day. The next email I get calling The Daily Ariel "the work of a truly sick mental retard," I will send them the URL to this Instagram post below...

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I'm 40-something years old. I see some 18ish girl, who is fantastic no doubt, exploring her sexuality and I think... Eh. I hope she doesn't regret the public nature of her teenage years down the road. I mean, I'm old enough to be her father. Give me a 30+ woman who already knows what she likes any day of the week. I'm too old and too overworked to be fantasizing about young girls that aren't ready to settle for less than they hoped for. I'm your middle aged plan B, baby! Oh yeah! Uh... Yeah. So. I think these posts are creeper territory, is what I'm saying.
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i guess im a journalist too. that rant was incredible. i re-read it a few times. MURICA. FLAT EARTH 4 EVER