Dicking Over Kids Is All In A Day's Work For Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is like an out of control crack addict freaking out over his next fix. Because who else would rob children other than politicians and crack addicts? He's run the state so recklessly and is so hard up for cash he's turned to robbing toddlers.

Back in the late '90s Kansas set up a billion dollar fund with money from a big tobacco settlement paid directly into a fund that paid for early development centers across the state. The program serves over 19 counties and from what I can tell from this KWCH article, roughly 4,000 little kidlets annually. As of this year, though - Brownback has begun dipping into the children's fund. At this point, he's drained the fund of $3.3 million dollars which translates into a $300,000 budget cut at each individual center forcing them to fire teachers and other specialists.

The Russell Child Development Center, Executive Director of the center, Deanna Berry:

"'We were anticipating a cut but we were shocked at the size of it. It's not even tax money, so they're grabbing every dollar they can to try to fill holes that we'll never get back," Berry said.

In response to the cuts, Berry said the center took away four staff positions and eliminated two of their programs, "By reducing what we're putting out for children now is only going to cost us money later, it is not the best way to go about solving budget problems.'"

Brownback, in my own personal view, is stealing allocated non-taxpayer funds from children to fill holes he’s punched in to the state's general budget. The man is a first class thief and the worst Kansas governor I've ever seen.

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He is a politician.The ONLY thing they are good for is target practice.
Male 6,193
laws against greed. we still need them.
Male 18
Brownback bragged that that this great state would be a red-state model that all others would follow. I'm glad he did it. Now everyone knows trickle down economics still do not work (I'm fucking shocked). Funny how folks around Kansas used to say California liberals had wrecked their budget when California had a republican Gov. They used to say everything was great in Kansas because of conservatism even though Sebelius was our driving force at the time. No around here likes Brownback, but no one will turn their backs on the "Christian party."