People’s Thoughts On Yet Another Day Of Bullshit In France

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These fucking times, man. Every day it's devastation and tragedy over some invisible space misogynist, over some nosey ass racist, over the haves and have nots, over gender arguments, over nationalism and pridefulness, over people who can’t get over them damned selves. I want to walk around and slap the hell out of all of these divisionists, segregationists, and fundamentalists. I know we're all are getting sick of this shit and want it to stop.

In light of another day of mourning for France, here’s some thoughts from people I do not know who are frustrated like the rest of us. I may and may not agree with them but it doesn't matter…

1. IF YOU ARE IN FRANCE: Hospital are in need of blood. Please donate blood and save lives!.”

from: u/odiafissus

2. “Contrary to what you hear suggested it's not the Syrian Refugees/Levantines doing the things you hear it's usually Algerians/Maghrebis.

Not to throw them to the wolves but there's a fair bit of bad blood between France and Algerians because of the whole Colony and War thing. Many Algerians move to France for a better life but don't integrate into French society because they feel like France "owes" them for all their historical mistreatment, much of which involved the French language and culture being forced on them. This, combined with the sort of latent racism you'd expect to thrive in a situation like this, has led to a large population of undigested Algerians that has grown in France for decades now.

The rise of ISIS has just caused a select few members of this group to turn violent.”

from: u/AccessTheMainframe

3. “Go after the countries that keep funneling money for terrorism. Saudi Arabia is first on that list.”

from: u/Aero93

4 “Every time there's a tragedy like this, there is a common sentiment of helpless in these threads. However, I think there is something we can do - maybe the only thing we as individuals can do, and that is to discuss the facts surrounding these tragedies objectively and without political bias or fear of what the facts imply. We need to realize we're not simply having a streak of bad luck, and that the perpetrators of these crimes are not deranged madmen who act without reason.

But here I am, also reluctant to point out the commonality between nearly all of the terrorist attacks to afflict us of late, in fear of being labeled a bigot.”.

from: u/MeetYourCows

5. “Everyone knows that radical Islam is the common theme behind these attacks. Why I, for one, don't support extending blame and subsequent heavy-handed law enforcement to all Muslims is simply because I am convinced that it will not only not work, but it will make the problem much, much worse.

I don't give a shit whether something is PC or not. I care about results, and I - speaking only for myself - am certain that alienating more Muslims in western countries is the absolute, absolute worse course of action.

(And fantasies about deporting all Muslims are simple that - fantasies. Utterly and completely impossible, from multiple angles. So, they're a non-starter - not only are they reprehensible, but they would be disastrously impossible to attempt).”

from: u/unusedmonitor2

6. “We breath the same air as these fuckers, but we don't seem to be from the same planet.”

from: u/Discoberry1

7. “I would say religion is the problem. Overall there's always this we against them for religious people. Look in to Christianity and you'll find the same thing as you find in Islam. The context of both books are similar. Isis is taking religion to a terrorist level and it is horrible, still to just say war and extremists only comes from Islam is way too narrow. Imagine if there wouldn't be any religious groups at all. The discussion would be held at a totally different level. It's impossible to actually have a sane conversation with anyone who believes in their God. The reality check just isn't there. I'm still confused why leading countries such as U.S. allows it in their politics. I say fuck all religious people, you can't talk normally to any of them.”

from: u/Textier

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Okay let me do a thought exercise. You are in a room with 1000 people....and you are all different ages and genders, kids, teenagers, women, etc. Now in this room you are given different colored shirts, lets say there are 4 colors so 25% each. The room is almost too small to hold everyone and soon enough someone in a red shirt explodes and kills the 6 people around them. You are all horrified, you freak out until a day later another person in a red shirt explodes. Then the day after that ANOTHER person in a red shirt! So now, what would you do? Some people might try killing any red shirt near them out of fear but a rational group would probably start trying to get away from the red shirts. No one wants to be near a red shirt, even other red shirts are like "to hell with that!" However, you would imagine the larger group would eventually push all the red shirts into one corner of the room because, well we don't know which red shirts will explode to be honest. So 250 well 247 red shirts are stuck in one corner when another day comes to an end and another red shirt explodes #4. Now the damage this time is strictly amongst the red shirts but the other red shirts are frantic to get away from every other red shirt and are pushing to get out hard; but we would hold them in because there is more of us. There would be huge fighting on this border and this goes on for 2 days so 2 more red shirts explode over the next two days. Then someone notices its mostly adult males wearing red shirts that usually explode. So the REDS are smart, they go if adult males explode let them try to push the border while the women and children cower even further in the corner. Now the rest of us realize that the women and children are much less likely to explode so if we could we should let them into the rest of the crowd if we have a shred of compassion but if any of them explode it would be like...sorry but back you go! We would also have to see at what age children males might explode so we would probably cap it pretty young. Meanwhile the group of male red shirts keeps having one explode at the border killing them and the other shirts. We never know which one will explode nor do the red shirts, they just don't want to all be clumped together. Now this seems pretty straight forward but in our society we instead have done this in reverse. We have allowed the red shirts to scatter all over the room and none of us know which one will explode so we just sit there freaking out. Notice out of the 250 of those red shirts less than 1% have exploded per day, less than 1% are violent and the death toll per attack of 6 people is .006% of the population. More people are dying of old age in the room but does that mean they shouldn't address the problem? How would you deal with the red shirts?
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@RPossum: I think you have to find out why the red shirts are exploding. If it is simply a coincidence that the red shirts are detonating that's one thing, but if the red shirts are choosing to detonate then that's a different problem. If you have a small group of red shirts who are determined to kill everyone, then ignoring them isn't going to solve the problem. Also you need to determine if the amount of deaths is the purpose of the killing, it may not be used as a means of war of attrition but rather as a show of power.
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Yes that's true, it would be a good idea to find out why they are exploding. Lets add that some people think they are exploding on purpose but are not sure why, others think its because they just want out of the corner, others say its by accident and still others think its probably not limited to the red shirts at all. In other words it is unclear why they are exploding, just that it seems that it is limited to red shirts. If they can't identify why then I would assume the rest of the people would attempt to keep the red shirts quarantined at best or they would suddenly decide to murder any they thought was a threat at worst. I guess we are assuming red shirts can also explode at will so this would probably cause previously non-threat red shirts to decide to explode. Wow this room would suck to be in.