Hillary Clinton's Vision For Educating The Poor: Segregation

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An awfully honest and cynical opinion piece on a conversation Hillary Clinton had on the state of public education brought up a few good points. Clinton seems to have the idea that segregated education might help poor children, ironically missing the historical aspect of her own message.

Trauma Trained Teacher Daun Kauffman:

"Clinton’s boarding school socialization and structure idea sounds more like assimilation than education. Shocking and scarily reminiscent of other U.S. ventures in segregating classes of 'other' people. Native Americans were also thought to be in need of 'education' to work differently in groups and to be in need of structure. In particular, never forget the grossly inhumane segregation and personal and cultural degradation of Native Americans in the attempt to assimilate them via boarding school 'education', as outlined HERE (page 6, and pages 8-10) and HERE (especially the subtitle 'Transforming People…')."

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Female 7,994
There is an argument to be made for, not segregation, but splitting kids up- into sexes or abilities, problem is that while it does allow kids to focus as one distraction is removed but it is only ONE distraction. single sex schools do often get quite good exam results- but dear God does it lead to skewed kids... likewise groups based on ability- but it really is far to open to abuse, and doesn't produce solid all round ability.
Male 8,418
Splitting them up into abilities would be like, oh, I don't know, a grade system? You start in 1st grade, and when you demonstrate you get that you go to, maybe, 2nd grade. (seriously, separating into abilities is a good idea. Some of the greatest harm I've seen is taking a person without the ability to handle it an "mainstreaming" them.)