Henry Rollins: "On My Bad Days, I Am Motivated By Vengeance"

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If you're a Henry Rollins fan this will be a refreshing read to start your afternoon. If you don't care one way or another, or you hate the man, this will be a refreshing read anyway.

In his regular LA Weekly column, Rollins talks about his fuel of vengeance and ‘being a motherfucker who works among motherfuckers.’ He talks candidly about human escapism and the bullshit that is called the war on drugs. In a way he compares one night stands and casual sex to the same relationship we have with out pets. Safe, self-fulfilling, and without all the baggage.

Read this bitch and then march out into your own world filled with joyful malice.

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Rollins never had kids, so he's never going to completely understand life. He's stuck in this boyhood fantasy of him against some corporate overlord that is his world. He's never going to comprehend how your world opens up when you accept responsibility for caring and truly loving another human life. He's fun to read, especially his weight lifting musings, but he always comes across to me as a seventeen year old who thinks he's got it all figured out. Maybe that's just him writing to his target audience.
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I'm seeing him in November, the day after the election. I cannot wait to hear what he has to say either way...if the world doesn't end that is ;)