Get Your Own 'Sweet Valley High' Style Portraits From The Original Artist

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I'm not ashamed to say I didn't give two flying fucks about 'Sweet Valley High' when I was growing up. I think it may have even ruined reading for me, then. I still don't actually care about any shitty literary soap opera, but I am amazed the SVH cover art artist James L. Mathewuse is still alive and kicking. Even offering to do your very own portrait in the style of your choosing. The books might have sucked but the art was still all right...

From Babble:

"According to his website, the Florida-based artist (who also has Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys cover art on his impressive resume) will create a custom masterpiece for you, with free consultations and portraits starting at $200."

sweet-velley-high-cover-2 sweet-velley-high-cover-3
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Female 103
I wonder if he'd do a portraiture of my anus... in the Goatse style.
Male 47
I just mentioned this to my "band geek" wife, who recently took the family on a Goonies pilgrimage. She has all of the SVH books in boxes in our garage. When I said that she could have any artwork done for $200, my 7 year old daughter said, "I wouldn't waste $200 on something like that"! #From the mouths of babes.