Fashionistas Called Out For Blurring Lines Of Capitalism & Feminism

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Feminism is a social concept where helping all is supposed to help one. We're not supposed to profiteer for our egos off of the ideology yet again we see another group of women using the cause to defend hiring sweatshops in this latest story of Rosie Boycott vs. The Fawcett Society. In the Daily Mail, Boycott calls out the British women's rights group for selling £45 t-shirts to fashionistas while decrying, "This is what feminism looks like…” off the backs of terribly paid squalor wage workers on the island of Mauritius.

Boycott says she is sick and tired of the idea of feminism being dragged through this bullshit of being capitalized on for profit...

" ‘While London fashionistas and point-scoring politicians brag about their right-on credentials by wearing the £45 shirt, the predominantly female migrant workers who actually make them have to work a gruelling 45-hour basic week, live in barrack-style dormitories, 16 to a room, and are paid a derisory 62p an hour to make ends meet.’

Boycott also points out the heartless counter-argument of the women should be grateful they're even employed goes against everything feminism stands for …”

"For The Fawcett Society to respond to The Mail on Sunday’s revelations by saying ‘all workers are paid above the official minimum wage’ adds insult to injury. The minimum wage they are so proud of is just a third of the official ‘living wage’.

Furthermore, the society claims that the workers’ wages ‘reflected their skills’ and that ‘staff turnover levels were low’. Where do they expect them to go? We are talking about some of the poorest women in the working world, sending what little money they earn back to their desperate families in Bangladesh and India.

Such conditions would never be allowed in this country and should not be supported and endorsed by The Fawcett Society just because they are out of sight and out of mind."

Just like Beyonce using feminism to sell her sweatshop clothing, it's still unacceptable to use feminism as a branding to sell bullshit overpriced clothing made by workers who can't afford it. It undermines the dogma and cheapens generations of contribution.

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