Your Robot Overlord Will Feel A Little Bummed When It Kills You [Video+]

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Great news, I-A-B: When the robots we created take over the world and kill us, one by one, until earth is populated 100 percent by droids, bots, drones (the drones will replace the birds), they might feel a slight twinge of remorse when they do it. That's if Johannes Kuehn and Sami Haddadin have a say in it.

Kuehn and Haddadin are research scientists at the Leibniz University of Hanover in Germany and right now, they're teaching robots the concept of pain. The idea behind the research is that if a robot's arm gets caught in machinery, the "pain sensation" the robot feels would trigger the it to pull away as opposed to just getting mangled and causing a chain reaction of mechanical difficulties.

From their IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation presentation:

A robot needs to be able to detect and classify unforeseen physical states and disturbances, rate the potential damage they may cause to it, and initiate appropriate countermeasures, i.e., reflexes. In order to tackle this demanding requirement, the human antetype shall serve as our inspiration, meaning that human pain-reflex movements are used for designing according robot pain sensation models and reaction controls. We focus on the formalization of robot pain, based on insights from human pain research, as an interpretation of tactile sensation.

So no, Kuehn and Haddadin aren't teaching robots how to feel sympathy for you, but maybe that'll be a by-product of the research.

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