Sweet Drone Footage Shows Not-So-Sweet Oil Spill From Cargo Ship [Video]

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If you care about the ocean, this one's gonna bum you out. You didn't hear about it when it happened (March 10, 2016), but a cargo ship called T.S. Taipei dumped 617 containers and large amounts of chemicals, such as combustible oil and potassium perchlorate (used in fireworks), according to the Wild East. The ship got caught in some reef around 1,000 feet off the coast of New Taipei City, Taiwan and broke in half.

Dean Fredericks got this incredible footage from his drone and so far, the spill has polluted more than a mile-long stretch of the shore. Estimates says it could take up to three years for this ecological system to recover

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Great report. Our need for energy is going to kill us all. =(