Phil Hartman Made This Outgoing Phone Message For A Fan [Video]

Submitted by: 5cats 1 year ago in Entertainment

... from the grave! Kidding (but you know he'd make the same joke if he could).

On the request from a fan, Phil created not one, but four messages to be used on his answering machine -- on a cassette, sent by snail-mail. Read the article -- it's just more evidence that Hartman was too perfect for this world.

PS: The touching comment at the end is unexpected, wait for it. Listen below...

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Male 42,934
He made A Ton Of Movies and did a ton of animation voices too! He worked a lot, which is good. His 3rd wife had severe mental problems, but he stayed with her trying to help her, sadly ending in tragedy. He was the opposite of the typical "Hollywood celebrity" eh? AND he was a Canadian!! At least until he was 10 :-) so we can claim him as yet another "funny canuck" eh? >>> His final role was the voice of a magical cat in a Japanese Anime Movie... Kiki's Delivery Service (an excellent film! good for all ages and for those who don't like anime too)
Male 21,367
He was one of the great ones, even beyond being an actor -- just a good person.