The Unaired "Lost In Space" Pilot Is A Lot Better Than Its Reputation Leads Fans To Believe

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Lost in Space - 'No Place To Hide' - UNAIRED... by cosmo2161

What if Dr. Smith never tried to destroy the Robinson's ship? What if B-9 Robot was never included as part of their equipment? And was the Jupiter 2 destroyed by an uncharted asteroid field as Kronos foretold? Find out in this blast from the past lost episode of "Lost In Space!"

"No Place To Hide" wasn't aired (until 1993), but footage from this episode was used in the first five episodes of "Lost in Space" mixed with new footage. While some storylines were kept, the original pilot is different from the series, notably with the lack of the Dr. Smith and the Robot.
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The reason the pilot was scrapped was the producers thought it needed a villain  and thus Dr. Smith character was born. However they also reasoned that such a vile creature would have been killed early in the first episode (most likely by the Robinsons), they gave him a protective minion B-9. Johnathon thought that as written his character would become the most hated person on TV so he convinced the writers to soften his part. Also incidentally the man who designed the J-2 and the Robot also designed the Ship and Robbie from Forbidden Planet. If you look closely Both ships and droids have many similarities. This episode was also referenced in the Episode "Time Merchant"