And The Oscar For "Scariest War Movie That Didn't Incorporate Explosions Or Gore" Goes To...

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This 1971 American anti-war film written and directed by Dalton Trumbo wasn't initially well-received, but it gained respect for it's anti-war take on World War I -- so much so that President Carter required his incoming Georgia State cabinet members to watch it shortly after he became the governor of Georgia in 1971.

"Johnny Got His Gun" focuses on the nightmare view of war through the eyes of an injured soldier during WWI. Clips from the movie were used in Metallica's "One." The band eventually bought the rights to the movie because it was less expensive than paying royalties every time the video was broadcast.

Scarier than hell.
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I bought this on DVD at Amazon and found it contained not one but two versions of One in its special features. It is far grimmer and scarier in the film than Metallica depicts it in the video. What was not mentioned is the fact that the movie and the book were banned from US display for several years.  And Trumbo was blacklisted and had to direct under a false name on many pictures including Spartacus for his anti-war views .