'Drag Is Great, But This Is Beyond Drag': Inside Miss Vera's Crossdressing School

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From The Guardian:

The men who come to Miss Vera’s cut across every age, religion and ethnicity. Because the school is “not inexpensive”, as Vera puts it, the students she sees tend to be white-collar professionals. Her youngest student was 18 years old and her oldest, a spry 88. “She did not look a day over 70 after we made her up,” Vera quips. Her students have come from as far away as Brazil and Australia, as well as all over the US. “For every woman that burned her bra, there is a man burning to wear one,” she tells me with a laugh.

The time students spend with Vera can have a profound impact on their day-to-day lives. Vera recalls one student, a business executive who worked for a large corporation in the midwest. After his transformation, Vera and the deans took him to tea at the Plaza. He wrote to Vera a little while after going back home to tell her that he is no longer nervous going into board meetings. After being at high tea in full drag, he told her, nothing scares him any more.

Since starting the school, Vera has seen more men who chose to transition to become female, but many of her students are still those that, as she puts it, “live in both worlds”. Many of the men are married and while in the past they used to often hide their crossdressing from their wives, Vera has seen more men come to the school at the urging of their wives in recent years.

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The world needs more Ms. Vera's. It's a shame men get shit on for wanting to dress how they want to dress.
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good post.