Conspiracy Theory Alert! Amulets And Art Of Secret Societies [Pics]

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A museum exhibit in New York that ended in early May was a conspiracy lover's wet dream. New York’s American Folk Art Museum put on exhibition a glimpse into the trinkets, symbols, art, and other elements of both the Free Masons and the Odd Fellows. All the items that were on display contained the mysterious numbers, shapes, and symbols of which the public has come to understand of secret societies. The attendance record alone for a show like this would be a great museum exhibit.


“The show presents a wide range of objects from the late-18th century to the early-20th, including paintings, signs, furniture, architectural elements, jewelry, quilts, carved picture frames, ceremonial props and a wooden grave marker. Some were created by self-taught artists, others produced by commercial manufacturers responding to demand for such paraphernalia. What unites all of them is not any particular style but a traditional set of hieroglyphic symbols, one or more of which can be seen in nearly every piece in the show.”

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