My Favorite Writers: Investigative Journalists Who Are Changing The World

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writerWhat I look for in writing is imagination and creativity paired up with as much accuracy, brevity, and clarity as a journalism 101 class can muster. I’ve been an investigative writer and researcher for over a decade and have picked up some favorite writers who inspire me along the way. Here’s a few of my favorites…

LoewenWideJames Loewen Professor Loewen’s book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” magically appeared in my mountain of books a decade back. I’m unsure of where the book came from but I am glad I found it as it turned out to be one of the more liberating things I’ve ever read. Loewen covers unknown histories from Helen Keller being a fierce socialist all the way to issues of special interests altering American public school history books.


la-bio-alice-walton Alice Walton I have to respect any person who comes up through the rungs of journalism by voluntarily sitting through L.A. City Hall meetings day in and day out. Walton went from unknown writer to one of the few L.A. Times hires in the last six-years where she altruistically covers topics most local journalists won’t touch (like the pussies they are). I can’t really say I have any favorite work of hers, per-se but her city council play-by-plays from back in the day were usually pretty epic.


max-blumenthalMax Blumenthal Let’s just get this out of the way and say yes, he is controversial, but any informed reader/writer doesn’t ignore controversy. We do ignore bullshit controversy but the kinds of shit storms Blumenthal starts are generally backed with merit. Some of my favorite things he’s done is related to calling attention to the Gaza conflict.


jeremy-scahill-writerJeremy Scahill Scahill is more of the tempered voice of reason over at the Intercept. While Glen Greenwald is out soaking up the focus there’s Scahill in the background doing the research and lifting.


Gearoid-o ColmainGearóid Ó Colmáin Gearóid is a rather new journalist to me. I’ve been following his work on the Syrian crisis but he has a very uniquely applied Irish point of view on oppression. The round about lessons he has to offer on persecution are not lost on me.


jonathan-pie-damonJonathan Pie John Pie is just hilarious. I was addicted after watching him feign losing his shit on camera as he ripped is ear piece out calling David Cameron a pig fucker and Matt Damon a homophobic twat. Angry journalism at its finest.

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Damn shame no one reads the paper anymore. Also a shame the general population is so busy looking ahead they don't see what's around them.