Meme Culture Is Becoming A History Lesson With Every Click

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Imagine what memes will do to history lessons a few decades down the road. Wintson Cook-Wilson blogged at Inverse a fairly cerebral piece on the popularization of memes, their origins, and what it could mean for society, going forward. In my mind the post nicely points out how memes are essentially modern day glyphs/pictographs, in the same vein of the mysterious images found from previous civilizations which we try and take guesses at their meanings today.

As well as the abstract, Cook-Wilson also points the reader to check out the meme graveyard, 'Know Your Meme' and brings up the possible evolution of what we call a meme today -- the rebranding of memes we’ve grown up with.

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a good read. they do have a place but i hope and pray our time on earth isnt blazed in history by memes. but as the glass half full guy i try to be (trying) humans are weird. although i hope tunak tunak lives on forever
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It makes sense -- emojis are just us using hieroglyphics now.