Road Sign Directing Romans To A Brothel In Pompeii, 79 AD [Pic]

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Makes sense, right? The Romans loved -- LOOOOOVED -- sex. It was their culture, thus all of the brothels. They weren't fancy and they weren't for the rich -- rich people had personal "on-call" prostitutes. They were usually stone huts with several rooms, a stone platform used or a bed, and graffiti all over the walls. The graffiti served as a bit of advertising (telling you how much action that particular brothel had) and a way for guys to brag about how much tail they got there. Here are a couple examples...

  • Hic ego puellas multas futui ("Here I fucked many girls").

  • Felix bene futuis ("Lucky guy, you fuck well," a prostitute's blandishment to her client, or "Lucky guy, you get a good fuck").

Pompeii maybe had the most brothels -- 35 in all with a population of 10,000 people. In order for men to find their way to these lupanars, they either got directions word-of-mouth or looked for penis-shaped signs on the roads like the one up above.

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