Bill Clinton Tangles With Black Lives Matter Protesters

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Is Bill Clinton becoming a liability to the Hillary Clinton campaign train? Some think so. This TIME article sort of think maybe he is.

Late last week, Bill had a few words with a group ofPhiladelphia-based Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted a Hillary rally when he tried to defend his, and Hillary’s positions in the '90s.

The protestors verbally challenged Bill throughout his speech (seen in the video up above) on his POTUS policies, including his crime bill of 1994 and the welfare reform legislation of 1996, both of which the Black Lives Matter movement are opposed to.

In the video you can see some of the protest signs, including “Hillary is a murderer,” which a woman said she meant in reference to the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The video below shows Bill "almost" apologizing the following day at another rally.

There are 2 comments:
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Context - people wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts were protesting a bill Hillary voted for that increased sentences on violent crimes. So when he says they are defending murderers he is not saying the Black Lives Matter movement defends murderers.....just those people right there.
Male 8,898
Not a Bill Clinton fan but he has a point when he mentions black lives do matter but so does holding the people responsible even if they are black. The problem was, as Bernie Sanders stated before he signed it, that this would be used to scapegoat and dragnet many other people.