Happy Easter, I-A-B: Enjoy The Day, Sinners! [44 Pics & A Note]

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Hey I-A-B,

Happy Easter, and if you don't believe in Easter, Happy Sunday. I'm gonna try to post as much stuff as possible today, but you know, there are a couple places I have to be and I do have another gig I have to deal with to generate an income (on top of drinking), but I just wanted to say you guys rock: Numbers have jumped over 10x over the last week (highest in the last three years according to Google Analytics), lots of new readers, better links, and it's because of your feedback from this post.

You know, when I asked for writers, a few of you thought I was trying to hand off work on I-A-B readers, but that was never my intention -- I just wanted to get different voices and points of view on the site. I mean, any site can post tits and ass, silly videos, and "shower thoughts" (whatever the fuck those are), but I-A-B is different -- it's the site for the people and I just want it to reflect that on the homepage the way it's reflected that way in the threads.

Anyhoo, have a good day and as always, thanks for your continued support...

XOXO, Fancy

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Male 759
See? To Christians, that's entertaining. They're confident and strong in their faith. They don't have to run around killing people and destroying things.
Male 21,367
Let's keep it that way.