World`s Oldest Examples Of Ordinary Things [Pix]

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Oldest socks

Made for wearing with sandals back in 400 AD.

Oldest written recipe

A Sumerian Beer recipe dating back to 3000 BC. The result beer is very strong and would contain chunks of bread floating around in it.

Oldest Shoe

5,500 years old and found in Armenia, it"s made from a single piece of oiled cow leather and bound with leather laces. The other shoe wasn"t found.

Oldest statue

"The Lion Man", dating back to 40,000 BC, was found in Southern Germany. It was carved from a single piece of mammoth tusk.

Oldest instrument

A vulture-bone flute dating back 35,000 years, also discovered in Germany.

Oldest "flush" toilets

Built in the city of Ephesus during the 1st Century, these toilets would have constantly flowing water beneath them to carry away waste.

Oldest board game

"Senet", an Egyptian board game dating back to 3100 BC. It"s name means "Game of Passing". The actual rules of the game are unknown.

Oldest prosthetic

Another Egyptian find, this prosthetic toe made from leather and wood was found on a female mummy dating back to 950 BC.

Oldest Dildo

Over 30,000 years old and made from polished siltstone, although some scholars argue it might actually be a whetstone

Oldest brassiere

Dating back to 1390 AD, this linen bra was found during restoration of Lengberg Castle in Austria. Referred to as "breastbags" in medieval time; the word "brassiere" wouldn"t be coined until the 20th century.

Hmmm, Zoidberg invented socks?
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very neat post, thanks :D
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Oldest flush toilets; and you thought Sochi twin toilets were bad.
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Excellent, interesting post.

Overheard in an ancient Sumerian tavern:

"Bartender, I want my money back. There`s nothing floating in my beer!"

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wouldnt the oldest dildo be a cucumber or something. also how did they know that was its purpose? did they find it inside some woman or find some "residue" on it?
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@CodeJockey: Cave Lion or perhaps Scimitar Cat

Both may have been around 40K years ago in Europe. 10K even!

Senet - game
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So I see that we`ve been wearing socks with sandals for quite some time...
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Your mom called and wants her dildo back.
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There`s an interesting question: What kind of lions are or were in Germany?
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"Breast Bags" - I like that.
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