NYC Street Life In Color: 1940`s-1960`s [Pic]

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Beautiful Color Photographs of Streets of NYC from the 1940s and 1960s

These are beautiful color photographs of New York City between the early 1940"s to the early 1960"s, photographed byCharles W. Cushman.
Wall Street New York.
Skyscrapers Looking toward financial District from an East River pier.
Downtown skyscrapers from East River pier.
Approaching Liberty St. ferry.
The old Fulton Market Manhattan"s Lower East Side.

Looking up Fulton St. from South St.
Residents of lower Clinton St near East river.
Stores near corner of Broome St. and Baruch Place, Lower East Side.
Lower East Side Corner Broome St. Baruch Pl.
West side of Br"dway from Bowling Green.
S. O. Bldg from the Battery.
View east from north end of Battery Park.
Brewery adr. Lower end, Broadway.
Lower Manhattan.
Collecting the salvage on lower East Side.
Crowd gathers during Salvage collection in lower East Side.
Poverty, young and old, black and white.
Doorway - Lower East Side. Manhattan.
New York Street Scene, Lower East Side.
Corner of Broome St. & Baruch Pl.
N.W. corner DeLancey & Lewis Sts.
Lewis St. North of Delancey.
These boys live here. Block north of Wmsbgh Bridge.
Hot sweet potatoes.
A block between Avenues A and B.
Lower First Avenue is spruce looking.
N.E. corner 1st St. and the Bowery.
N.E. corner 1st St. and the Bowery.
A corner on west Canal St.
Corner of Pearl St.
View up Moss Ave.
Street in New York"s Chinatown
Chinese store windows.
East 7th St. between 3rd and 2nd Ave.
Up 4th Ave from Astor Place Cooper Union at right.
View north from Herald Square.
Peter Minuit Plaza lower Manhattan.
View west on Wall Street.
West up Maiden Lane from Pearl street Manhattan.
Looking west from 42nd + Broadway.
South from 42nd + 6th (Ave. of Americas).
South from 42nd and Fifth Ave.
Whitehall street from Peter Minuit Plaza near Battery NYC.

Let"s do the Time Warp again ....
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Jesus were these buildings EVER new?
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Brilliant - Brilliant - Brilliant
rather brings fresh breath into history
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Great collection I sometimes regret that men don`t routinely wear suits and hats anymore.
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Back when regular people could afford to live in NYC.
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