Blowing Bubbles Underwater [Gif]

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The moment a person first submerges underwater, there they are: air bubbles.

While some learn to perform simple tricks with them, few can lay claim to an uncanny skill of French freediver, David Helder. "[Helder] can create mini vortexes that shoot through the water to create intricate patterns in just about any direction," writes FreedivingUAE, who posted the incredible interview and demonstration.

"At the beginning they were not good," says the 40-year-old Helder. "After a couple of weeks they were quite OK, and then I started to make some combinations."

Go ahead and watch Helder demonstrate this unique talent and talk about his passion for freediving. We have a feeling you"ll be inspired.

An Art Form
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I want a swimming pool with a sandy bottom and all that cool junk. And a glass wall facing the living room. That`d be very cool.
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