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There is a big difference between the above image and a hallway.
There is a big difference between the above image and a hallway.PhotoXpress

Environmental Protection Agency workers have done some odd things recently.

Contractors built secret man cavesin an EPA warehouse, an employee pretended to work for the CIAto get unlimited vacations and one worker even spent most of his time on the clock looking at pornography.

It appears, however, that a regional office has reached a new low: Management for Region 8 in Denver, Colo., wrote an email earlier this year to all staff in the area pleading with them to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.

In the email, obtained byGovernment Executive, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor mentioned several incidents in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and an individual placing feces in the hallway outside the restroom.

Confounded by what to make of this occurrence, EPA management consulted with workplace violence national expert John Nicoletti, who said that hallway feces is in fact a health and safety risk. He added the behavior was very dangerous and the individuals responsible would probably escalate their actions.

EPA spokesman Richard Mylott provided the following statement:Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and prosecute these individuals, Cantor wrote. He asked for any employees with knowledge of the poop bandit or bandits to notify their supervisor.

EPA cannot comment on ongoing personnel matters. EPAs actions in response to recent workplace issues have been deliberate and have focused on ensuring a safe work environment for our employees. Our brief consultation with Dr. Nicoletti on this matter, a resource who regularly provides our office with training and expertise on workplace issues, reflects our commitment to securing a safe workplace.

The environment"s getting a little rank
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Your tax dollars at work.
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jops360-[quote]they get fired or fined and the company moves on.[/quote]
That`s how it works for regular companies and businesses.

That`s not how it works for the government. No one will get fired, or fined and the agency will move on to business as usual.
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4 insidents in a organization does not make it a bad organization. porn on the phone? i personally know 3 people doing this at my job. "secret man cave" in warehouse? i guess you could call a tv, chairs and fridge a man cave but its more like an illegal break room. pretending to work for the CIA is ballzy(and funny).
there will always be discrepancy at work. they get fired or fined and the company moves on. this doesnt make the company bad, just the worker.
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Were there to be a television show highlighting these types of stories- perhaps on `The Learning Channel`, it could be named `Government Gone Wild`; It would undoubtedly get good ratings and run for years- there certainly isn`t a shortage of fodder.
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