This Week In Science & Tech - With Sources! [Pic]

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Science Sources:

➤ Stem Cell Cartilage:

➤ Depression Blood Test:[tt_news]=4739&cHash=7dc8464850e28387b1f1df64426b8637

➤ New Super-Heavy Element:

➤ Thin air-based Jet Fuel:


➤ Strategic Thinking:

➤ Building the Pyramids:

➤ Antibiotic Resistance:

➤ Mars Colonization:

Technology sources:

Bioengineered circuits

Touch-sensitive poster

Graphene-like material

3D Nano-printer

Thin film battery

New Mars suit

Nerve repair

Job automation

Muscle implant

They"ve really got this down to a science!
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Good, because I think my knees will be needing some of that stem cell cartilage when I`m older.
Male 25,416
Nice to learn things once in a while...
Male 13,630
I see the real world and the world which still stones women are getting further apart.
we seem to be in a world between stone age and warp speed age
Female 8,127
This post always cheers me, I have something more substantial to read and it is about our success!!
Male 4,745
These are always my favourite posts. I get a lot of it from different sources but there is always a few I didn`t hear about. Love the "sources" addition as well! Thanks for taking the time to add that!
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These are great, even thou i just happen to have the originals coming up every week in my newsfeed.. Same stuff, same sources.. But at least different images, some of them anyway. So keep em coming, it doesn`t matter if i`ve seen them already, a lot of IABers haven`t.
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Ogen, the real week in Religion is far more tragic:
Shocking number of Americans don`t believe the Big Bang theory

Two Men Publicly Crucified in Syria; Jihadist Group Tweets Photos

Eleven Muslims killed in sectarian attacks in India`s Assam

Vatican to debate teachings on divorce, birth control, gay unions

China blames religious extremists for station bombing

Sultan of Brunei unveils strict sharia penal code

Nigeria`s surging Christian-Muslim bloodshed strains "marriage of irreconcilables"

Girls brave violence for their education in northern Nigeria
Male 5,626
"This week in Religion: "
You mean: "This week in Religion: 200+ people, earlier kidnapped while trying to get an education, are now in jeopardy of being sold."
If ever there was a time for an array of choppers and 35 guys...

On the lighter side: The graphic description of the thin-film battery`s operation looks more like a long discharge capacitor. Still freaking cool.
Male 441
This week in Religion:

Some people prayed and stuff, so that was kind of cool.

Someone survived a life threatening situation and attributed it to god thus proving he exists.

Someone collapsed and starting speaking in tongues, it turned out later that they just had a case of heat stroke because the AC was out, however they didn`t change their ruling that the voice of god spoke because all the best scientists of the church couldn`t figure out what was wrong with the AC, and thus ruled it divine intervention.
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Link: This Week In Science & Tech - With Sources! [Pic] [Rate Link] - They`ve really got this down to a science!