50 Of The Dirtiest Moments In Cartoon History[Pic]

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The 50 Dirtiest Moments In Cartoon History

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You could consider these moments accidental or out of context, but they all can"t be accidents.
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Honestly don`t get the still from Enchanted - that`s quite clearly his leg. Think that one is reaching a bit - definitely a stretch of the imagination. I agree with other comments here - these are mostly opportune stills taken out of context combined with wanting to see a mucky image.
BTW I`m 33 and still see dolphins first. Dirty is in the mind first when you WANT it to be there
Male 15,270
There`s a lot more fun stuff on tumblr
Male 6,147
No Road Rovers or Thundar? Those were packed full of these type scenes. There are also a lot of audio quips animators snuck past the censors such as in one episode of He-Man, One humanoid character made a direct sexual stateement to Battlecat/Cringer and Road Rovers had several "Son of Avich" jokes.
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Don`t forget the episode when Bugs Bunny acts like a slave and then get`s whipped by yosemite sam. And cryptkeeper even if the intention was SFX it looks more like SEX.
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...and Scooby-Doo if you come through, you`re gonna have yourself a Scooby-Snack!
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Most is just overactive imaginations, but a few are genuine "let`s see what we can sneak past the censors".
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Lots of inadvertent sausage in those pics! Dang!
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fun fact, in the lion king one it does not say sex, it says sfx. they put that in there intentionally as a signature of sorts by the special effects team
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If you`re hitting Doc Ock`s forehead then your doing it wrong. ;)
Male 1,106
Yeah, most of these are just a "picture taken at the wrong moment" types of situations.

But I can seem to explain away Beast Boy reading the magazine that says "Hot Rape."
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Male 907
How can you possibly leave out Roxy Rocket`s orgasm in the Batman animated show`s, "The Ultimate Thrill?"
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Link: 50 Of The Dirtiest Moments In Cartoon History[Pic] [Rate Link] - You could consider these moments accidental or out of context, but they all can`t be accidents.