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Date: 05/04/15 01:58 PM

11 Responses to 25 Things Once Seen – Can Not Be Unseen [Pic]

  1. Profile photo of kitteh9lives
    kitteh9lives Female 70 & Over
    8044 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 11:25 am
    Link: 25 Things Once Seen - Can Not Be Unseen - Warning: There is no going back once youve seen these things. Your eyes will never trust anything again.
  2. Profile photo of LandoGriffin
    LandoGriffin Male 30-39
    3844 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 2:34 pm
    I don`t get the Will Smith his first name is Willard? So is Mitt Romney`s first name.
  3. Profile photo of drworm2002
    drworm2002 Male 30-39
    662 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 2:51 pm
    The Tom Cruise one is not quiet right. His nose is crooked and his head is tilted. That is not the center of his face.
  4. Profile photo of Zismo
    Zismo Male 18-29
    1054 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 3:08 pm
    Rebecca black looks more like a young Liza Minelli.
    I had noticed espn, Simon, Colonel Sanders and 007

    The upside down Autobot symbol always looked to me like he`s crying, I don`t see Darth Vader.
  5. Profile photo of ferdyfred
    ferdyfred Male 40-49
    13631 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 4:47 pm
    Seen a hell of a lot worse than this
  6. Profile photo of carmium
    carmium Female 50-59
    6381 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 7:31 pm
    I`m surprised everybody didn`t notice Cruise`s crooked dentition ages ago. 8-\
  7. Profile photo of MelCervini
    MelCervini Female 50-59
    2255 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    The Green Lanturn`s symbol is "LOL" sideways
  8. Profile photo of Naz14
    Naz14 Female 18-29
    1520 posts
    May 4, 2014 at 9:52 pm
    The Emma Watson one freaks me out... lol at cheetah balls.
  9. Profile photo of MikeyNiv
    MikeyNiv Male 18-29
    697 posts
    May 5, 2014 at 2:14 am
    these are rubbish and old. even the very first one was a photoshop, didnt leave me much hope for the rest
  10. Profile photo of randomxnp
    randomxnp Male 30-39
    1293 posts
    May 5, 2014 at 3:23 am
    None of those people who supposedly look like other people actually do! They just have a similar pose and expression in that shot, and one or two similar proportions. The Mitt Romney one is literally nothing like the thing next to him except basic face shape and the bits on it being in the same place because he is human.
  11. Profile photo of panth753
    panth753 Female 18-29
    9259 posts
    May 5, 2014 at 11:15 am
    I`m not going to lie, I`d still f*ck Jared Leto if I ever get the chance.

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