20 More Mid-Day Memes [Pic]

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Too much Monday and not enough coffee.

Sounds fair to me. You want to argue with him?

Chuck E. Cheese fell on hard times when Papa John"s came to town.

Have you ever considered finding another hobby besides taking pictures of yourself? Just a thought.

There Is NO better feeling (especially if you get away before the cops show up)

And some people just need a high five. In the face. With a chair.

Don"t question it when good things find you. Just let them happen.

It"s okay to eat a whole pizza by yourself. There are NO RULES when it comes to pizza. NONE.

Looks like she crossed that line. Lick her and see if she tastes like cheese.

Missed by a hare!

Is this real life, or is this just Fanta sea?

Does he really look like a dog with a plan?

I would make a joke here, but it would be too cheesy. Mmmmm cheese....

I would help organize a meeting, but I"m too busy being an awesome hermit.

Perhaps the Emergency Room?

Nothing to be ashamed about, that"s a pretty dapper duck.

Sipdre-nma, Sipdre-nma, does whatever a sipdre can... Look out here comes the sipdre-nma!

If you can"t say something nice, we should probably be friends.

BUT, with enough cocaine, I could rule the universe...

They are among us, living everyday, not knowing they are morons.

The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest for me...
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Re #15: My cousin Paul says that as a kid he stuck something metal in a counter outlet at Grandma`s. He found himself on the other side of the kitchen.
Re #5: With all the grammar nazis on AIB, can we start ragging on people who insist on using "laying" in place of "lying"?
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davy but you drink whisky or wiskey?
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@davymid: Got into the whiskey again, did you?

You keep hoping she`s just pretending to be asleep... :-/
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Bad Davy, Bad.
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#9- I`d imagine it tastes like skank.
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#5, I can relate to that. Just the other night I masturbated over my ex-girlfriend.

I know it`s wrong, but I`ve still got a spare key and she`s a really heavy sleeper.
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