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All parties can agree on?
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@SleepyHallow: As @MeGrendel said, many of Bush`s weekend "vacations" were actually spent meeting with various dignitaries "on the QT" (Quietly, without fanfare).
Whereas Obama goes for weeks at a time, on the public dime, with full entourage, and plays golf...

And what about all those fundraising trips? I count those as "vacations" as well since he`s not doing one single bit of "President work" but he flys across the USA to raise money. Sickening.

And he still has 3 years to go!
42 in 8 years for Bush
131 in 5 years for Obama.

Just do the math! Actually, I have no idea how many vacation days Clinton or Reagan took, but I know they did FAR less golfing and fundraising.
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Yes, let`s look at these vacations:
When they compare Bush vs. Obama, they compare DAYS instead of TRIPS, which includes all the days he spent on his ranch in Crawford Texas (325), where he held many meetings and entertained foreign leaders. Take that 325 from 367 & you get 42 days.

Bush`s vacations:
His Ranch in Texas
His family`s place in Main.

Obama`s vacations:
-Hawaii (x6)
-Martha`s Vinyard (x3)
-Grand Canyon
-Mt. Desert Island, Maine
-Panama City Beach
-Floridian Yacht & Golf Club
Michelle & Girls:
-Africa & Botswana
-New York
-Atlantis Resort for Spring Break
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"More vacations than any PotUS in History? CHECK!"

5Cats, are you competing with Ollie to see who the biggest idiot on IAB is?
Learn to use a search engine for crying out loud.

Bush took 367 days of vacation in his two terms in office.
Obama has taken 131 to date and that doesn`t even put him in the top 5.
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More golf than any PotUS in history? CHECK!
More vacations than any PotUS in History? CHECK!

Add to that increasing the debt more than all previous presidents combined and Obama is truly a "history making" PotUS!

Quick! Give him the Nobel Peace Prize!
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I agree to a point and I disagree to a point. He likes to lead on not enforcing laws and making changes to tax laws, which is clearly defined as the job of congress, but leads from behind on nearly everything else. It`s like he wants to make a more powerful version of the old "President of the Congress" that we had before Shays Rebellion. Back then, the position was so weak when John Hancock was elected in 1785 and he never even showed up to take the job. Now it seems like Obama wants to enter that position just with all of the executive privileges that have been acquired over the years. Honestly, I see Kerry and McCain making more policies and talking with more leaders than Obama does.
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While a great majority of this is true, it is also irrelevent.

Obama will be known as a GREAT President and a GREAT man. There is no other option, nor is it required to be based upon reality.

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Niiice. TYT on IAB. No doubt many on here will disagree, and disagree vociferously, but for my money, TYT hosts some of the most intelligent political commentary around.
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Well I`m iffy on leading with an iron fist. If you ddo value a free and open society you have to let the people make the changes. There are things that he should have done through executive order. Guantanamo Bay needs to go. The Patriot Act needs to go. In clear unconstitutional issues he needed to take the lead.