45 Spectacular Slo Mo Gifs - MEGA MO POST [Gif]

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FireHammer vs WaterMelon - Go Gallagher!

Bullet Vs Ballons

Guitar Strings

Fish Eating A Fish



Light Through A Bottle of Water

Non-Newtonian Liquid on a SubWoofer


Matrix Punch

Soft Golfball vs Wall

Golfball vs steel

Bullet vs steel

Axe vs Axe

Stick vs cymbal

Snowball vs face

BB vs bubble

LightBulb Vs MouseTrap

Fist vs face

Fist vs stomach

Slap to face

Man vs himself

Hand vs concrete

Soccer ball vs face

Fist vs face

Flying Cat

Wet Kitty

Kitty Vs Kitty

250 grams of plastic explosive detonated - look at the shock wave!

The same test as above, but zoomed in. The shock wave moves at almost twice the speed of sound.

Detonation cord (tube filled with an explosive, detonates at 8000 m/s) wrapped a few turns around a beer keg. It almost cut it in half. Filmed at 50000 fps.

This is a linear shaped charge detonated in one end. When detonated, the metal V collapses into a knife moving at several kilometres per second, which cuts through everything. Filmed at at least a million fps.

Same as above, but this time you can see the "knife" cutting straight through the metal plate.

Detonation of 11 kg TNT

Detcord again! It"s stretched back and forth between the two beer kegs and then a few times around the second one. 50000 frames per second!

The Swedish 84 mm Carl Gustav with a tandem warhead filmed at 2000 fps

Active protection filmed at 18000 fps. Basically detects and shoots down incoming RPG"s with a tiny shaped charge

C4 detonating filmed at 10 million fps. What you see is the gas cloud expanding at 2500 m/s

This one is most interesting. A copper cylinder is filled with an explosive and detonated in one end. The extreme pressure (more than 200000 times higher than atmospheric) causes the metal to flow like liquid and expand outward with greater speed than a high velocity bullet. Filmed at 1 million fps

Detonation cord, a thin tube filled with a high explosive, detonates at 8000 m/s and is compared to a .50 calibre bullet. Filmed at 50000 fps

A charge of C4 in the middle with an X of detcord. Look at that shock wave!

Hand Vs GLITTER Booty

And Some Boobs

Famous Boobs...

Biggest Boobs!

"Splosions, violence, cute cats and girls! What more could you want?!
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Interesting, until kitteh put boobs at the end. Gettin` tired of the boobs.
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slomo is always brilliant.

do guitar strings really produce square waves, or is this photoshopped?
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Hand vs concrete. Bad idea
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This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff for which I come to this site.
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disagree @geckohead

did you see the boobies at the end???
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agreed @ElectricEye
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I got bored.
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Loved it all...
Great Post
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